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Large Package Surcharge – A piece which length + girth           (2 x width) + (2 x height) combined exceeds 300cms £52.00
Over Maximum Limits – A piece which exceeds 70kgs dead weight, a piece which exceeds 270cms in length, or exceeds 400 cms in length and girth are not permitted into the network, if found in the network, this surcharge along with Large Package will apply. £400.00
Undeliverable Shipments £6.00
Address Correction £11.00
Extended Area £0.50 per kilo/ min of £22.50
Remote Area £0.50 per kilo/ min of £26.50
Residential Delivery £2.75
Additional Handling
– Applicable to any piece made of metal or wood, or cylindrical in shape.
– Any piece exceeding 100cms in length, or the second longest side exceeding 76cms.
– Any piece exceeding 25kgs
Non-Routine Entry – Import Permit, HV Entry, CITES, Broker Assistance £15.00
Receiver/ Third Party Refuses to Pay £15.00
Miscellaneous Handling Charges £11.00
Warehouse Storage £16.00 per package, per day, after 3 working days
Free Domicile Administration Charge £18.00
Elevated Risk £20.00
Restricted Destinations £28.75
Exporter Validation £28.75

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