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The 2 service options we can offer within EXPRESS are:

STANDARD Express Courier

Our primary ‘default’ product, 28 years strong and the industry benchmark for time definite services into Australasia, The Far East and Indian Subcontinent.

Our STANDARD Express Courier service has a strong bias towards our ‘own network’ – with 95% of traffic uplifted via scheduled passenger aircraft, with local handling provided by a Kangaroo office or partner. This ‘hands on’ level of service gives you the confidence and support you need to compete head to head within your own marketplace.

PREMIUM Express Courier

OK, so you’re telling us that no matter what, the consignment MUST travel via Kangaroo’s ‘own network’ ? Selecting this service will ensure that it does exactly that, with no integrator routings considered or used. 

With both of these services option, you can upgrade to include:

0900hrs delivery | 1000hrs delivery | 1200hrs delivery | DDP

Please refer to our ROO EXPRESS Service Guide by clicking THE BLUE BOOK.



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