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Fedex Select

Extended Area Destinations considered remote by Fedex £0.31 per kilo/ Min of £15.00
Non Stackable Pallet A piece which cannot be stacked due to shape or request from shipper £114.00
Address Correction Incorrect address provided which prevents delivery being fulfilled £8.50
DG Available to certain destinations, please check with CS to confirm availability £55.00

Standard Operational Weights & Dimensions

Standard operational dimensions (metres) A piece which length + girth (2 x width) + (2 x height) combined exceeds 330cms
Maximum weight per piece (kilos) 68kgs
Exceeds dimensions & weight

Alternative options may be available for shipments outside the above specification at an additional charge. The above is a guide only and there may be restrictions on some routes. Please contact Customer Services for more information on a ‘per destination’ basis.

* Please allow up to 28 days for chargeable weight to be confirmed by the carrying integrator


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