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Extended Area Destinations considered remote by Fedex. Tiers based on postal codes, or areas.

Tier A:£3.00/shipment

Tier B:  £0.43/kilo, £20.00 min.

Tier C: £0.55/kilo, £25.00 min.  

Non Stackable Pallet A piece which cannot be stacked due to shape or request from shipper. £180.00
Oversize A shipment exceeding 243cms length and 330cms girth £55.00
Address Correction Incorrect address provided which prevents delivery being fulfilled.


Additional Handling 1) Measures greater than 121cms along its longest side, or 2) measures greater than 76cms along its second longest side


Free Domicile Handling Administration Fee £18.00



* Please allow up to 28 days for chargeable weight to be confirmed by the carrying integrator




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