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Kangaroo International Express was incorporated in 1988 with the aim of providing the most reliable and efficient wholesale courier service available throughout Australasia and the Far East. Many aspects of the organisation have changed since then, but one that has remained constant is the underlying basis on which the company was founded. We are very aware that the reputation of your own business is only as good as that of its selected agents. Whether it be our electronically managed and provided POD and Status systems, our market leading website, the thorough approach of our Customer Services team, or the continual development of new services and routing options, we are continually striving to ensure that our clients have the very best available support from us.


Serving 23 gateways with 159 flight departures per week and 321 different Special Delivery options, we have more flights into the region more often than any other wholesaler, ensuring there is no faster option into the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern sectors.


Significant rate reductions on emerging routes, a structured discount system and IT solutions designed to save you time, all coupled to our usual unbeaten level of service results in the best value for money service available.

Kangaroo International Express Ltd

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